Legend Of Solgard Android Game

Legend Of Solgard Android Game

Many legendary inspired games found their place in gaming zones with an equal enthusiasm shown by gamers making such games quite popular among the masses. Legend of Solgard is one such game which has found its place of popularity.

With its setting theme about Solgard slowly turning to ice and its creatures trapped in ice crystals. The game shows that Ragnarok, Norse mythology of the end of the world being started and the need for an only hope of an ultimate savior called Embla to stop it. Here, the player assumes the role of Embla, the hero with the powers of The Sun goddess who needs to grow an army to conquer the icy evil that threatens Solgard.

Through this game, the gamer can explore the wonderful world of Solgard and discover more about the Norse legend in which the main idea of the game is based. In the game, the player can test their skills through the battle arena by fighting against other heroes. The game also allows players to form guilds with other players to compete together in taking down powerful guild bosses.

The game has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars which are considerably higher compared to other games. The game developer also continually updates the game with its recent addition of updated Heroe Arena, there are also extra buffs to aid in the journey of the heroes of the games. Also, the higher the position of the player in the Arena League the more loot the player will receive.

This game might have some shortcomings like other mobile games because there is no guarantee that it will be perfect but more or less it provides more knowledge to the players about Norse mythology with an enjoyable and intermingled experience of mystery, magic, power, and strength.

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