What is a CRM Telemarketing Software

What is a CRM Telemarketing Software

Telemarketing means there is someone calling to offer a particular product or services. You have received this kind of call at some point in your life. The goal of the telemarketers is to convince a person to buy before they end the call. The job is pretty straightforward – you have a list of customers or prospects that you will call for the day, you have your product to offer, and you have to make a sale. Do you see where the “disconnect” is? The CRM telemarketing software is probably one of the most important inventions in the field of sales and marketing.

Today, you know who your customers are – what they are up to, what are their most recent searches, what products they have bought and what items they intend to buy. You know all the important demographics – age, sex, position in the company, etc.. Truthfully, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to selling as every customer is unique. This uniqueness is very visible when you use telemarketing CRM software. There’s outbound telemarketing software and there’s one for inbound. The interface may be a bit different but the logic is the same – it is focused on the details a sales rep needs to sale.

Do you still use the traditional telemarketing methods? Calling everyone on the list with only their names and phone number? Not having a single idea on who the customers are? Switch to CRM telemarketing software and feel the difference. There is a free telemarketing software in the Internet in case you want to give it a try. One thing that these software companies guarantee is that – once you taste it, you will always want it – there’s no going back to your old, traditional telemarketing processes. Are you ready to make the switch?

What’s at stake?

Is CRM Telemarketing software really worth it? There are countless benefits https://www.evs7.com/telemarketing-software if your business focuses on telemarketing. Can this software do things faster than your employees? Can it be as intelligent as their human counterpart? You are not removing the human connection at all because the sales reps are still the ones to call the customer. What your outbound telemarketing software will do is automating processes so your business can run faster. In simple math, the more calls you make, the higher the chances that you will close the deal successfully.

Here are some of the telemarketing systems available:

  • Touchstar Predictive Dialer – saves your sales reps time by automatically dialing the next potential customer after the previous call has ended. One drawback of this product is that there is not much time for the sales reps to gather their self after the call. If the previous call was a hard one, and another call is coming in less than 10 seconds – sales reps are most likely to get burnt out.
  • VanillSoft – is a CRM telemarketing software that not only allows automatic dialing but comes with other interesting features such as pre-recorded voice drop, onsite training of agents, creation of automatic email scripts or templates and the ability to call the next best lead in queue thus preventing sales reps of doing the dirty job of finding the needed contacts in a haystack.
  • Bitrix24 – a product that is suitable for both inbound and outbound telemarketing calls. It also features the automatic transferring and forwarding calls, lead management, lead nurturing and lead generation.

Always look for something that will fit your business needs. Getting free software is not always the best option, especially if you are not getting the functionality that is most relevant to what you are doing. It is also not advisable to always choose the one that is most expensive because there will come time when some of the key features of that software will no longer be useful, and you are tied to the have to continue the subscription. Determine the cloud-based telemarketing software that is flexible enough to cover potential business growth. One practical tip is to consider buying the software from the vendors, who offer 24/7 customer assistance.