With or Without Broker: Tips on Selling Your Kit Home

With or Without Broker: Tips on Selling Your Kit Home

Selling a kit house can be complex and time-consuming; it is not like selling a simple item that you can do it in a matter of hours or days. Since the Australian market is becoming more competitive and cutthroat, it is not surprising that it could a longer time before you can finally sell your house. However, you should not be discouraged because everything will be worth the wait in the end.


Kit home selling can be a bit overwhelming for some, especially for first-time sellers. The first step you should do is to determine which route in home-selling you would take. Will you hire a real estate agent and broker to do it for you or will you do it on your own? These two options, of course, have their fair share of pros and cons, and weighing in on them is a must to know which one is best for your situation.


Selling kit homes with the help of real estate professionals is the more common route for first-time home sellers. Because of it is convenient and hassle-free, many sellers choose this option. On the other hand, while selling a house without the help of pros is not as popular as the first option, it has its advantages over it.


Pros and Cons: Selling Your Home via Agent and Broker


If you decide to sell your kit house with the assistance of a real estate agent and broker, you can easily get hold of these benefits:


  • The burden of the home selling process is on the shoulder of the agent and broker. From finding potential buyers to processing the requirements, these professionals are the ones responsible, and seller only has to do is to oversee the process and to sign necessary documents.


  • Since real estate agents and brokers have wide network of potential buyers of kit homes, selling house can be done much faster. These professionals have years of experience in working with individual buyers and corporations, so they should who to offer your house, and this is specifically beneficial on your part if you want to sell your house fast.


While there are several benefits of selling your home with the help of professionals, there are also disadvantages:


  • The agent and broker will have a cut on the profit you will get from the sale. The commission they will get from you will depend on the terms and conditions that both parties have agreed prior to selling the property.


  • You don’t have the full control of the selling process since your agent and broker are the ones communicating directly with the potential buyers.


Pros and Cons: Selling Your Home without Agent or Broker


If you don’t want to deal with agents and brokers, then you can put your kit house for sale on your own, and take advantage of these benefits:


You can dictate the final price of house without having to factor in the commission of an agent and broker. This means you can get more profit from the sale, or you can reduce its price in order to sell it faster.


You have full control of the sale since buyers have to directly communicate and negotiate with you. This reduces the red tape and somehow makes the sale much simpler.


There are certain disadvantages of not hiring professionals to help you sell your kit home, and these include:


  • It takes longer time to find a buyer, especially if you don’t have a solid network of investors or buyers.


  • You may get confused with the processes involved in the sale and may end up selling your house at a price that will not benefit you in the end.